Marc was through and very clear about what we could and should expect. He was very accommodating to our schedule and kept us well informed on the status of our case. He made sure we knew and fully understood our options and the impacts of our decisions. I never felt he was guiding us to a decision that was best for him, he advised us but always pursued our wishes as to the course of action. The case was settled in our favor, and we are completely satisfied.

Completely Satisfied!

- John

I have retained Marc Allmeroth at least on two occasions with excellent results!! I have also recommended him to family members and friends over the years and he has always delivered. He is consistently good at what he does. I recommend him highly and without any hesitation!!

Ethical, Honest and Reasonable!!

- Santos

Marc is an excellent attorney. He wasted no time to help me with my car accident case. Attorney Marc Allmeroth has the exceptional experience in dealing with getting my case settled and my compensation I truly deserve. Marc has helped me through all car accident claims I've had. I highly recommend attorney Marc Allmeroth anytime

Best Car Accident Lawyer in Long Beach.

- Udom

Marc helped me a lot when I received my injury. He's extremely understanding and caring! I felt comfortable and assured Marc would take care of my situation, in which he did! I'd recommend Marc to any of my friends and family!

I felt comfortable and assured.

- Antonio

Mr. Allmeroth is hands down the best lawyer I've ever dealt with. He is very professional and works hard for his clients. I am very pleased with the service I received on my behalf and would not hesitate to recommend him.

The best lawyer ever...

- Paul

We requested for Marc's counsel for our daughter had a serious car accident. While it was not her fault, the offending party ran away from the scene and was untraceable. Since there were significant expenses (car was totaled and hospitalization expenses) and liability (her car had spun out of control and hit another car), we felt the need to get legal advice.

Since this accident was in Florida, and even though Marc was not licensed to practice in Florida, he researched the local laws, and advised us regarding the various issues. These were topics that we had not thought about. Marc further advised us to hire a Florida attorney to pursue the matter further, and gave us a specific set of questions to ask. We followed his advice, and saved so much expense with the local attorney, because Marc had already prepped us.

Given our interaction, and appreciation for his knowledge of the law and sensitivity to our particular situation, we would hire Marc without any doubts if we had any issues that needed resolving in California. He gained our trust based on the questions he asked and the counsel he patiently provided.

Knowledgeable and Sensitive Attorney

- Amit

I never thought I would be the type of person to hire an accident lawyer, but three times in the past 10 years I turned to Mr. Allmeroth to help me to get compensated for serious injury freeway accidents. The claims became more complicated with each new case as the insurance companies said that my damages were due to a "pre existing" condition. Mr. Allmeroth was able to handle each case in such a way as to get the insurance company to pay what I was due, both for my injuries and also for my lost earnings (in the last case for an entire month of missed work). I was very satisfied with the results and his professional and ethical approach.

So good I used him 3 times! An attorney who you'll want to know!

- Elfie

Mark is an excellent lawyer. He was prompt, caring and diligent in solving our legal matters.

Marc Allmeroth attorney at law

- Bonnie

Marc did a great job is searching out all the requirements necessary to reach the best conclusion we could have hoped for. This was, at best, a complicated situation. Marc stuck with the detours offered up by the defense and submitted our best information to get the result. I feel that not too many people would have stuck with the case as this dragged on for the best result.

Tough, complicated situation

Mr. Allmeroth, together with his associates, crafted an estate plan that exactly fit our needs. He listened to our wishes then converted them to the necessary documents. He handled all the details.

Wise advice and quick results

- Jeff

In what seemed to appear as a basic personal injury auto accident case, resulted in a challenging and time-consuming two-year marathon. Mr. Allmeroth was relentless in his pursuit for justice. Professional in every aspect of of the case. And finally, he brought it to a conclusion. His maximum effort resulted maximum possible results. Thank You Marc. - David S.

Excellent Rating.

- David

Marc handled my case (car accident/red light jump) with the utmost professionalism. He is a Pro in and out. He represents his clients to the best of his abilities and willing to go above and beyond to meet the client needs. I can vouch for Marc profile for any auto-related cases.

Master of his craft.

- Manish

Mr. Allmeroth was excellent in his handling of my personal injury case. He was very diligent. He answered all my questions, phone calls and emailed me correspondences to keep me updated regularly He explained everything that was going on, nothing was left to question. I feel that my business was handled well


- Claude

I was in a car accident. It was not my fault. I was rear ended. The damage to my car was not a lot, so I did not believe that I had deserved compensation. My back hurt so I decided to look for help. I found Marc with the help of my friend who was also an attorney. From the beginning I knew I was in good hands. Marc was very professional. He arranged for me to get medical help. Within several months a got a check with some money that I did deserve. Thank you Marc for all that you did for me. Nobody could do better job that you did.

Thank you Marc!

- Eva

I was involved in an automobile accident for which the driver who caused the rear-end collision accepted full responsibility.
My insurance carrier suggested that mine should be an uncomplicated injury claim capable of resolution without hiring a lawyer and encouraged me to pursue the bodily injury claim without assistance of a lawyer.
Unfortunately the responsible insurance company viewed my claim diiferently and made a settlement offer based on 40% of my medical expenses.
Fortunate for me Marc Allmeroth accepted my case. He kept me informed of progress and explained new developments in my case. Within one month he got me a settlement based on 100% of my medical expenses. Marc made all the difference.

Marc Allmeroth made all the difference in my case

- Wanda

Marc went over and above our expectations. He's honest, dedicated and caring, always clear as to what to expect. We had excellent results. We recommend Marc Allmeroth highly and without any hesitation!

Great Experience Completely Satisfied!

- Robert

Mr. Allmeroth was recommended to me by good friends who have used his services many times. Once I was signed on as a client, I did not have to worry about any more issues regarding my car accident. He was excellent at communicating the progress with me, always answered or returned his phone calls and quickly responded to any questions I had. He was pleasant to work with, accommodating, and negotiated on my behalf to get me the best possible settlement. If I am unfortunate enough to ever be in a car accident again, I will not hesitate to secure Marc as my attorney and recommend him to all my friends and acquaintances with good faith that he will provide the best services.

Excellent Experience.

- Erika

SO lucky I met Marc, he helped me with an accident at work. He hired experts I didn't know existed, he's an expert, caring and respectable attorney. thanks to Marc I am no longer in fear of my future.

Professional, honest, caring

- Louis Garcia

Marc handled a complicated car accident case with patience, competence and thoroughness, going the extra mile to get me full compensation. He always consulted me before taking any action and included me in reviewing documents and letters.

Caring and Kind and goes the extra mile!

From what I was told, most lawyers do not want to be the 3rd attorney, and I was truly blessed to find Marc with only four weeks to reaching the statue of limitations. I originally hired a lawyer that was not allowing me to see a specialist, nor keeping in contact with me. I then fired him, hired another who canceled on my case 4 weeks before the statue of limitations was reached all because she wanted me to settle for $25,000. I hired Marc, and from the moment I did, he got to work right away. Marc is very skilled in handling personal injury cases, and really good about keeping you informed. We ended up winning, six figures! But, Marc fought long, and hard. Yes, hire him don't think twice about it. He's also cool because he knows who HEART is!


- Ernestina Villa

I found Mr. Allmeroth after talking to several lawyers who seemed to only see in dollar signs. I had never been in a serious accident before and was perturbed by being dehumanized by the other lawyers I spoke with. When I met Mr. Allmeroth that changed--he was sincerely there to help.

My case ran into some problems because of actions taken before I hired Mr. Allmeroth, but he never stopped working on my behalf or communicating with me about where things stood.

Mr. Allmeroth is a great lawyer and a great person. I would not hesitate to hire him.

Best Accident Lawyer

- Michele

I found Mr. Allmeroth from a referral after speaking to many attorneys that made me feel, well, kind of gross. I had never been in an accident that was serious enough to require an attorney before, and every lawyer I spoke to previously seemed to be all about the money, and it made me question their scruples. I was relieved when I met Mr. Allmeroth who saw me as a person. My case was a bit of an uphill battle as I had waited several months to see an attorney. While I had seen my primary care physician and a chiropractor after my accident, the lack of testing they did to confirm my injuries ultimately ended up working against me and made my case worth far less than it should have been. Mr. Allmeroth never stopped working on my behalf, even when it became apparent that the paycheck likely would not be worth it. Mr. Allmeroth is not a great attorney who supports his clients with reason, logic, and integrity, and I highly recommend anyone who is involved in an accident to seek counsel with him (Don't wait as long as I did).

Don't Wait As Long As I Did!

I would like to thank you again for you help with my case. The results were great and I appreciate your candor and honesty with my situation. I am pleased with the outcome and your handling of the case. I will gladly recommend your services to any of my friends or family that may ever need it. Thank you again for your help.

The best lawyer in Long Beach, Ca

In 2014 I was badly injured when a chair collapsed under me at a reception. I was very happy with Marc's professionalism, integrity and patience to explain my legal rights. I was made to feel very comfortable throughout the process. My concerns were being addressed and I never had any anxiety about the outcome. The final result exceeded my expectations.

A Blessing from Almighty God!

- David

Mr. Mark Allmeroth was a Blessing. I hired Mr.Allmeroth after a auto accident, he handled it in such a kind and friendly manner. He made things so easy for me, and was diligent in all matters. I believe it is little over a year and he settled the case with no issues. I pray this is the only time I need to hire him, I will be recommending him to anyone I know who needs a personal injury attorney. Mr Mark Allmeroth is the best as far as I'm concerned.

Grateful Client.

- Pamela

He is a very kind and trustworthy lawyer.
His helpfulness and gentle attitude made us so relax.
We were so happy to have him help us with our case.

Thank you very much

We recommend this lawyer!

Marc is Conscientious and hard working. I never had any doubts or questions something was not correct during the time he set out to accomplish the goal of getting what was fair me. Marc checked in at regular intervals about progress being made. He also made expectations clear! All his efforts to keep me updated were in addition to his hard work put forth in achieving the goal. Marc is clearly a hard worker, but is also a smart professional. And is recommend by me.

Conscientious and hard working

Marc Allmeroth represented me for an injury that I incurred due to an auto accident. Mr. Allmeroth was very clear with regard to the steps that I needed to take in order to make a strong case. Because of the clarity of his communication, the process was very organized and the case settled quickly once I submitted my paperwork (i.e. liens, police report, medical records, etc.). The most substantial part of this experience was when Mr. Allmeroth negotiated on my behalf with the firms whom held liens against me and brought down the amount of those liens- something that I would not have been able to negotiate on my own. I received the full settlement amount from the party who was responsible for my injury; yet another benefit. Because Mr. Allmeroth brought down what I owed in liens, I was able to take home more of the settlement. In addition to Mr. Allmeroth's expertise in personal injury, he is respectful, straight forward and kind. I had an excellent experience while I was represented by him and highly recommend his services.

Client for Auto Accident Injury

- Jennifer

I had not idea that after being hit by an inattentive driver that his insurance company would treat me like the "bad guy" From the very first phone call, the well known insurance company tried to get me settle for almost nothing and treated me impolitly. When I hired Marc, he took care of everything, and saved myself from dealing with these unpleasant people. When the insurance company finally came up with the money we asked for, Marc was able to get the medical providers to significantly reduce their liens and I even ended up with money in my pocket that I didn't spect. English is not my first language but he was patient explaining everything thorough. Marc is honest and transparent. I recommend him to anyone.

Professional, honest, patient

- Angie

This was a fatal car crash in which our mother was killed. It involved several family members who had varying degrees of injury Marc facilitated a fair settlement through mediation process. He was professional at all times., very knowledgeable of the law, and well respected in the law community in southern California.

Injury auto accident.

I have used Marc Allmeroth on two occasions and both times he was able to get wonderful results for me. He is dependable, trustworthy and very knowledgeable on the law. Furthermore, he is a wonderful individual who really cares about you as a person. He was very understanding towards me as a client and person. He did whatever was necessary to gain a favorable result for me. I would 100% recommend Marc and his law firm to anyone and everyone.


- Nick